Do you believe in the power of artists?

April 24, 2024

Art keeps us alive. Art helps us live with joy. Art allows us to imagine freedom.

It is not an understatement to say that art and cultural organizing are crucial lifelines for our survival and resistance. But the question remains: how can organizers and artists best work together to harness the power of culture and create a more just world?

Building Irresistible Movements: Best Practices for Organizations and Visual Artists is our answer to this question.

This guide was developed first-hand by artists and cultural workers seeking to provide tools and insights for more powerful collaborations between artists and organizers.

Download our guide today and get ready to change how you collaborate with artists across our movement spaces.

From fair fee structures to ethical artist selection practices, this extensive document offers specific practices for values-aligned collaboration and successful cultural strategy.

We wrote Building Irresistible Movements to keep the essential work of movement art anchored in justice and repair — while deepening the impact of artists’ creations. We hope artists feel empowered by the knowledge in this guide to lead cultural work in our movements. We hope organizations better understand the value of art and how to engage artists.

Download the Building Irresistible Movements guide and share it with your artist community, organizations and networks today. »

Together, we can build the world we deserve — one powerful collaboration at a time.