Strong Families Has My Back

August 1, 2019

I was introduced to Forward Together about five years ago through Strong Families New Mexico. Over the last five years, I’ve gone to several legislative sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico; I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors to inform my community members of policies that affect them; and I’ve participated in phone banks to mobilize folks to vote. I have completely transformed into a community leader and an activist for my people.

Over the years, I have watched how both my own family and my community members have struggled just to cover basic needs, like education and healthcare. Being a part of the Strong Families network has greatly impacted me. It has helped me get out into the community and create awareness around the policies that directly affect our everyday lives. Many of us Native Americans don’t get full medical coverage, we just can’t afford health care. I took the option to stand up and fight for our generation.

My interaction with my folks put a big light bulb on the community because once they were educated on the flaws of our healthcare system, specifically access to Medicaid, they were ready to stand in the fight. I am proud that Strong Families backs and supports us. That’s just what makes our community stronger.

Although we have not won all of our battles with trying to fix our communities, we are well on our way. Our communities are stronger than ever and we have Strong Families New Mexico to thank for that.

Althea Yazzie

New Mexican Community Leader