Tiffany Pryor

llinois Caucus for Adolescent Health

Tiffany Pryor, MSW, is a charismatic spokesperson within the local Reproductive Justice movement and brings a wealth of knowledge from her rich experiences in youth development, advocacy, and organizing work. Tiffany received her B.A in Human Services from Villanova University and has spent 10+ years working with diverse populations, investing in youth-adult partnerships, and building key relationships with stakeholders. Tiffany is committed to partnering with individuals, communities, and institutions as a means to evoke change and improve health equity. This commitment was ignited early on when she realized the connection between health access & disparities in her home town of Boston and was further deepened during a trip to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia in 2005. These experiences have been the driving force in Tiffany’s devotion to bridge the gap between health and rights and as a result, she pursued her Master’s Degree in Social Work at DePaul University. It was during her Master’s program that she was introduced to the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) and served as a Community Organizing intern. Upon completion of the program in 2010, Tiffany joined ICAH as the Illinois Youth Policy Council Coordinator. Tiffany’s powerful advocacy tactics have been central to ICAH’s successes in policy change, network growth, youth leadership development, and adult capacity building. In the process, she has risen as a compelling voice and energetic spokesperson for the Reproductive Justice movement.