Morgan Holmes

Morgan Holmes is a Black, Mexican-American, multimedia journalist and womanist from South Texas and Southwest Louisiana working towards racial equality, workers’ rights, reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, immigrant justice and environmental justice through storytelling. She began writing about racism, sexism and homophobia on her University’s campus and as she entered the workforce, she continued her focus on producing content that worked towards shifting the dehumanizing, mainstream narrative of communities of color.

Morgan’s experience as a Black woman in the South and in TX-Mexico border communities has fueled her confidence and passion for addressing anti-blackness as well as organizing in Black immigrant justice spaces to engage in spreading the truth that ‘immigration is not a Latinx issue.’ Her immigrant justice work at Neta RGV, a multimedia platform in the Rio Grande Valley, consists of writing, video production, photojournalism and organizing practical support for Black people seeking asylum on U.S. ports of entry and in detention centers.