Laurie Bertram Roberts

Co-founder, Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

Laurie Bertram Roberts is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. A reproductive justice centered organization, Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund is the only state based abortion funding source in Mississippi. MSRFF provides direct funding for abortion access as well as practical support, funding emergency contraception and birth control and provides inclusive community based sex education. while working on broad based reproductive justice work intersecting with racial, gender, labor and youth justice issues. Ms. Bertram Roberts has been protesting, advocating and engaging in political work and grassroots activism since her teens. She has appeared in many local, national and international media outlets discussing abortion access, birth justice, LGBTQ and women’s issues in Mississippi. She often writes and speaks about her personal experience being a teen parent, living in poverty, surviving rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. When not working, writing or tweeting she is likely spending time with her mom, beloved partner and seven kids who like her love all things creative, sci fi and geeky.