Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd

Executive Director, Trans United

Mrs. Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd is an unapologetically Black, trans woman and Southerner and the Executive Director of Trans United, a national, trans, people of color-led organization, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mrs. Duncan Boyd’s decision to step into a national role was born from her conviction that any serious struggle for liberation must center the leadership of – and be accountable to -those who have experienced the most dire and direct consequences of oppression and exploitation. Before Trans United, Daroneshia served as the founder and Executive Director of Trans Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering (TAKE), an advocacy, support and resource center for trans and non-binary communities in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mrs. Duncan-Boyd has a deep commitment and passion for this work. As an out, trans woman, born and raised in Alabama, she has experienced physical and sexual violence, workplace and housing discrimination and the spiritual toll of exclusion from church and community. She remembers acutely what it was like to be honored for her advocacy even as she struggled with addiction and engaged in sex work simply to survive. Along the way, she gained smarts, savvy and a deep appreciation for the brilliance and resilience of trans people – especially black and brown trans women. She carries with her the memories of the many people she has lost to needless and preventable violence. Her work at TAKE and Trans United is a reflection of her commitment to transform the intent behind the hashtags of #NotOneMore and #SayHerName into a set of impactful strategies, programs and resources that honor the lives of those that have been taken too soon, and creates pathways for, by and with those that are still here.