Brittany Brathwaite

Brittany Brathwaite is a reproductive justice activist, youth worker and community accountable scholar with a deep-seated commitment for supporting the leadership, organizing, and healing of girls of color.  Brittany has worked with several organizations across the United States to achieve this vision including Girls for Gender Equity,  Sadie Nash Leadership Project, T.U.F.F. Girls, SOLHOT, Advocates for Youth, and the Young Women’s Initiative of NYC. Brittany has worked to create change in the lives of girls of color through local base building, advocacy, curriculum development, storytelling strategies and participatory action research.

Currently, Brittany is the co-Founder and Creative Director of KIMBRITIVE, a “traphiscated” black girl start-up unapologetically working to educate and empower communities about sexual health, reproductive justice and everything in between. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology from Syracuse University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. Brittany is a 2015-2016 Davis Putter Scholar for her work organizing students for social change. Brittany is a proud Brooklynite, dedicated to celebrating and protecting #blackgirlmagic.

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