AnhDao Bui

Social Services Director at New Mexico Asian Family Center, New Mexico Asian Family Center

AnhDao is the Social Services Director at the New Mexico Asian Family Center. She has been with the center since 2008. AnhDao was born in Vietnam and immigrated in the U.S.A in 1990 and have seen firsthand the struggle her family went through. Since joining New Mexico Asian Family Center she provided comprehensive case management in English and/or Vietnamese for adults, children, and adolescent victims/survivors of crime and their families to improve quality of life, help individuals realize their power, and maintain the highest possible ability to be self-sufficient within the community. She also works to advocate for services for the Pan-Asian community in New Mexico, a community that is often discriminated against because of their limited English proficiency. Finally, AnhDao trains and oversees all case managers and ensures that services align with agency programming and deliverables.