Angelika Arutyunova

Director of Feminist Movement Building, AWID

Angelika Arutyunova is Program Director for Feminist Movement Building Area at Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). In this role she played instrumental role in organizing program for the AWID’s 13th International Feminist Forum in Bahia, Brazil, in 2016. Prior to that role, Angelika managed Resourcing Women’s Rights program and co-authored several action-research reports such as Watering the Leaves, Starving the Roots: The Status of Financing for Women’s Rights Organizing and Gender Equality and New Actors, New Money, New Conversations Angelika also oversaw AWID’s project on Annotated Bibliography on Women’s Rights and Transitions to Democracy and was part of the founding team of FRIDA: Young Feminist Fund, where she currently serves as Advisor to the Board of Directors. Angelika previously worked for the Global Fund for Women as Program Director for Europe and CIS. Angelika is on Advisory Board of the Community Initiatives and Research – Central Asia (CIRCA) and Kohl: Journal for Body and Gender Research.