Alexandria Taylor

Director of Sexual Assault Services, New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

Alexandria Taylor is the Director of Sexual Assault Services at the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, where she oversees and supports the services provided by the thirteen rape crisis centers in New Mexico, as well as the sexual assault coordinators within community mental health agencies.  Alexandria also coordinates the Underserved Workgroup, which is a collaboration between advocates working with underserved communities within New Mexico.  She also develops training for sexual assault service providers and clinicians throughout the state, and addresses policy issues that affect survivors. Prior to working at the Coalition, Alexandria was the Executive Director of Valencia Shelter Services, a rural domestic violence, sexual assault, and child advocacy center.

Alexandria has worked in the field of interpersonal violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault, for the past 15 years.  Her commitment to the fight for liberation of all people is rooted in a social justice background working from margin to center.  She speaks up often about the nature of being a Black woman in New Mexico doing this work and the need to develop services for the unserved Black community in New Mexico.  She is deeply committed to addressing issues from an intersectional lens.

A major portion of Alexandria’s existence is spent contemplating and living out radically mothering her son David.