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The Stepping Into Power training team is led by Eveline Shen and Forward Together senior staff, master practitioners of Forward Stance. In addition, throughout the sessions, we will be joined by three guest faculty in aikido, storytelling, and music.

Eveline Shen Eveline Shen

Since Eveline's leadership began in 1999, Forward Together has become widely recognized for its innovative role in the Reproductive Justice Movement—working with grassroots communities; providing thought leadership; developing effective tools and resources for evaluation, training, and documentation; and organizing for long-term systemic change. In 2010 Eveline and other leaders launched the Strong Families Initiative, which now works with over 170 organizations to change the way people think, feel and act in support of families. Eveline served as Principal Investigator for two National Institutes of Health grants that explore the intersection between environmental justice and reproductive justice. Eveline is a recipient of the Gerbode Fellowship, was named one of Women's eNews' 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, and was awarded the 2015 San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Award. She holds a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley in Community Health Education.

Moira Bowman Moira Bowman

Moira Bowman joined Forward Together in November 2007 and works primarily from Portland, Oregon. As Deputy Director, Moira builds and manages an effective staff team and plays a lead role in the strategy and implementation of the Strong Families initiative. Relying on more than 20 years of experience working with social justice nonprofits, Moira also provides technical assistance to a number of our allies. Moira has been active in the social justice movement for the last two decades on issues of economic and racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and gender justice. She brings extensive experience in movement building, organizing, political education, and technical assistance. As Director of the Gender Justice Program at Western States Center, Moira worked to build regional capacity (in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming) to counter the Right's agenda and to build progressive power for low-income families, communities of color, and LGBTQ communities. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Basic Rights Oregon.

Kalpana Krishnamurthy Kalpana Krishnamurthy

Kalpana joined the Forward Together team in March 2013 as the Policy Director. Working from Portland, Oregon, Kalpana will be helping to develop and implement Forward Together's policy shift and civic engagement strategies. Most recently, Kalpana spent eight years as a field director at Western States Center focusing on building the racial justice and gender justice programs at the Center. She served as the primary author of the Oregon and Nevada legislative report cards on racial equity. She helped to develop and lead the Uniting Communities work, which works to help organizations of color meaningfully engage their own LGBT constituents of color. Prior to Western States, Kalpana worked in philanthropy at both the Third Wave Foundation and the Ms. Foundation for Women. She remains active in philanthropy and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity. She is the mother of two fabulous boys, Sachin and Kavi.

Alicia Walters Alicia Walters

Alicia Walters joined Forward Together as Movement Building Director in January 2014. Her relationship with the organization began when she collaborated on the successful campaign to remove the racist anti-abortion billboards in her Oakland community. Her admiration for the organization grew as FT nurtured her idea of a project where Black women could exercise their thought leadership and build relationships and writing skills. That idea has become Echoing Ida which Alicia is proud to staff now at Forward Together. As Movement Building Director Alicia also focuses on engaging and growing Strong Families, ensuring partners are connected, and staffing a national community driven research project on the impact of incarceration on families. An organizer by training and performing artist by passion, Alicia's vision is to transform social justice movements and improve the lives of people of color with strategic collaborations that alter the dynamics of power. Alicia has worked on projects that center the experiences of women of color while building deeper and more authentic collaborations with allies through communications, policy advocacy, and movement building. She lives and believes in Oakland, CA where she and her partner are the proud owners of a thriving Jamaican restaurant, Kingston 11.

Maria Nakae Maria Nakae

Maria joined Forward Together in 2006 as a New Voices Fellow and Alliance Building Coordinator. After three and a half years of supporting Forward Together’s national movement building work, she joined the development team in 2010. Maria previously worked in community-based research, outreach, and program development on a wide range of issues including reproductive health, domestic violence prevention, parenting and child development, and mental health. Her interest in reproductive justice is fueled by her work with community– and school-based programs to increase access to reproductive health services for youth in low-income immigrant communities and communities of color. She holds a BA in Psychology from New York University and an MPH from UC Berkeley.