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Through research, analysis and shared dialogue, Forward Together develops a range of tools and media that support reproductive justice organizing and movement building work.

These resources provide lessons and models for effectively advancing reproductive justice on the ground and for strengthening the coordination, collaboration and strategy of the Reproductive Justice Movement.

Workplace Leave in a Movement Building Context (2015)

In the fall of 2014, organizational leaders from work-family, LGBTQ, labor, and reproductive justice organizations explored work-place leave campaigns from a movement building perspective. We hope this document will spark further thinking at the local, state, and national levels so that an increasing number of campaigns will embody a movement building approach to win the strongest possible policies that create equity for everyone.

The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry (2014)

We collaborated with ROC United to survey current and former restaurant workers across 39 states to examine the conditions that low-wage restaurant workers face along the lines of unwanted sexual behavior and harassment.

We Are BRAVE: Race, money, and abortion access (2014)

This political education curriculum, developed by Forward Together and Western States Center, supports social justice organizations to build a shared understanding of abortion as one aspect of reproductive and sexual health; explore abortion access through the lens of racial, economic and immigrant justice; and find pathways to action in support of abortion rights. Click here for the full "We Are Brave" toolkit from the Western States Center.

Movement Network Leader Case Study: Eveline Shen (2012)

A spotlight on Forward Together's Executive Director, recognized by the Management Assistance Group's Network Leadership Innovations Lab as a visionary and exemplary movement leader.

Let's Get It On (2012)

Oakland Youth's New Vision for Sex Ed.
Read the executive summary here.

Keeping our Families Strong: A Health and Safety Handbook for Nail Salon Workers (2011)

A handbook for nail salon workers and owners to shift toward less toxic products and practices to ensure that their businesses are ready for the transition to a green economy, as well as to protect the health of their families.

Translation: Vietnamese

Building Strong Families: Talking About Sex and Our Bodies (2010)

A two-sided brochure to complement the Transforming API Communities: Tools for Sexuality Education toolkit. A quick and easy tool for parents and agencies who work with parents to use to start the conversation about sex and our bodies.

Translations: Chinese | Vietnamese | Khmer

Movement Building Indicators (2010)

Volume 6 of the EMERJ Momentum Series is a cutting-edge tool that supports reproductive justice organizations in their strategic thinking around planning and assessing their movement building work.

Introductory videos and individual chapters are available for viewing on the Movement Building Indicators page.

Transforming API Communities: Tools for Sexuality Education (2009)

A one-of-a-kind resource for supporting Asian and Pacific Islander parents and caregivers in engaging in dialogue and action around sexuality education.

Tools 1 to 6: Chinese translation | Vietnamese translation

Looking Both Ways: Women at the Crossroads of Reproductive Justice and Climate Justice (2009)

Volume 5 of the EMERJ Momentum Series, published in partnership with the New Orleans Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, examines the experiences of women working in low wage toxic industries with a new framework for understanding how to mobilize grassroots communities around climate change.

Una Nueva Vision para Promover Nuestro Movimiento a Favor de la Salud Reproductiva, los Derechos Reproductivos y la Justicia Reproductiva (2009)

Volume 4 of the EMERJ Momentum Series is a Spanish language and cultural translation of ACRJ’s 2005 reproductive justice framework, A New Vision.

Three Applications of the Reproductive Justice Lens / Tres Formas de Aplicar el Lente de la Justicia Reproductiva (2009)

A training curriculum for building a shared language and analysis of reproductive justice, in English and Spanish.

Taking a Stand: Tools for Action on Sex Selection (2009)

A guide created by EMERJ, Generations Ahead and NAPAWF to support reproductive health, rights and justice organizations in taking a position on sex selection.

Prop 4 Victory Brief: Reproductive Justice at the Ballot Box (2008)

Volume 3 of the EMERJ Momentum Series documents and analyzes the collective efforts of reproductive justice organizations in California to engage communities of color in defeating a parental notification initiative.

Intersections at the Grassroots: Insights from Organizing for Reproductive Justice, Youth Leadership, and Immigrant & Refugee Rights (2008)

Volume 2 of the EMERJ Momentum Series outlines lessons from intersectional grassroots movement building efforts, including common features shared by successful social movements that can be replicated.

Winning Reproductive Justice: Contributions to Policy Change from the Reproductive Justice Movement (2008)

Volume 1 of the EMERJ Momentum Series offers case studies of organizing efforts across the country to showcase the specific and unique ways that the Reproductive Justice Movement is advancing both short-term and long-term policy battles.

Reproductive Justice Lens Toolkit (2008)

An interactive tool for identifying reproductive justice issues in your community and making connections between communities impacted by reproductive oppression.

Defeating Proposition 85: Reproductive Justice in Action (2006)

A victory brief that documents and celebrates ACRJ’s efforts to defeat California’s parental notification initiative through developing youth leadership, educating and mobilizing communities of color, and partnering with allies in the social justice community.

A New Vision for Advancing Our Movement for Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Justice (2005)

ACRJ's groundbreaking analysis of the framework and vision for reproductive justice, described by organizations and funders as revelatory and pivotal to the field.