Mary Vradelis

Interim Deputy Director, Forward Together

Mary Vradelis joined FT in Sept 2018 as one of two newly created Interim Deputy Director Positions.  In her role, she will work in partnership with the Executive Director and senior directors to support program strategy, development and coordination.  In addition, she will ensure effective organization-wide planning, decision-making, staff development, and the change management process.   As a former executive director, seasoned interim manager, and board member she brings her leadership experience and deep commitment to effective and sustainable nonprofits and community action.  As a consultant and trainer, Mary uses her training in the arts, therapy, and business, which gives her access to multiple modes of expression to encourage self-reflection, clear-headed analysis, and positive group dynamics for collaborative work and effective  meetings.  When she is not at work, she enjoys working with her neighbors on collaborative projects, exploring the natural beauty of the Bay Area with her husband and dogs, (and sometimes even her cat comes along); or curling up on the couch with all of them and a good book or BBC mystery.