Movement Mamas — in their own words

“I see Black mamas around me just shining and taking care of their babies, raising them to just be free and to vibrate higher.”

Francis Mead

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Mamas have always fought tirelessly to reshape the world in ways that our families need, yet they haven’t always gotten the recognition and praise they deserve.

Mother’s Day was founded on the power of mamas united against war and violence. This year for Mamas Day, we honor that tradition by celebrating the power of our movement mamas.

Terra Cotta

Whether they be Black Mamas fighting for the maternal health care they need, immigrant mamas fighting to keep their families together, trans mamas holding down chosen families, or Indigenous mamas leading their communities — our mamas are powerful. Every day of the year they guide us, nurture us and fight for us. One day a year, we shower our mamas with flowers, chocolates and brunches.

But we can do more.


We can show mamas that we recognize their power.

This year’s theme, Power and Flowers, reminds us that while Mamas Day is a day to shower our mamas with love and affection, it can also be a time to recognize their power and constant efforts to ensure that our families have what they need to thrive.


Honor the mamas in your life today with art that shows that they are powerful, seen and loved.

#MamasDay2019: Celebrate our Mamas with Power & Flowers


Celebrate and honor the power of our Movement Mamas at Mamas Day events through April and May, in California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Georgia.