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Forward Together Youth Organizing Program Application

Forward Together Youth’s organizing program leads Sex Ed the City, our campaign to improve sex education in Oakland Unified School District by asking young people directly what they want and need. Together, we have fun, build friendships, and work to improve our relationships, families, schools, and communities. Forward Together Youth participants learn public speaking and communication, event planning, research, and gain experience making change. We also make videos and lead workshops in order to build student power in Oakland Unified School District. We accept approximately 20 youth.

    If you want to join us you should check out our work, visit our facebook and tumblr!

    Currently, we are in the middle of our spring 2014 session and are no longer accepting new youth. Applications for our summer session will be up in May, so keep an eye out!

      Requirements to apply:

      • Must be able to commit to coming twice a week to scheduled workshops and gatherings
      • Willingness to do work outside of our twice a week meetings, including on OUSD campuses and with other youth organizations
      • Must be willing to commit to the program for the entire 2014 school year

      Things we look for in our youth leaders:

      • Fun and energetic!
      • Willingness to participate in public speaking
      • Works well in groups
      • Takes initiative
      • Interest in organizing for sex education justice
      • Awareness around being an ally to folks of different genders, sexualities, races, class backgrounds, etc.

       Yes   No 
       Yes   No 
       Yes   No 
       Yes   No 
       Yes   No 
       Yes   No 
      (Strengths can be skills or things that you believe to be true about yourself.) (These can be assumptions or stereotypes you hear from school, your friends and family, or the media.) (Work, other programs, vacation, family events, etc.)

      Application Deadline:

      If you have any questions, please contact
      Mai Doan @
      Deanna Gao @