Forward Together

So all families can thrive.

Youth Organizing

Forward Together Youth is made up of passionate and creative Asian young people that lead our Sex Ed the City: More than Just Protection campaign. Forward Together Youth brings together a diverse base of high-school-aged people in Oakland for social and political action related to young people's access to sexual health resources and information. Through event planning, analyzing policy, producing videos, talking to decision-makers, and presenting in classrooms and the community, our youth leaders are bringing necessary changes to comprehensive sex education on a local, state, and national level. Through this most recent work, we have grown into a multi-gender youth organizing program that centers the experiences of queer and trans young people. 

Our Forward Together Youth program:

  • Gathers 60–80 Asian youth each year, ages 14–20, from low-income, immigrant, and refugee families, and develops them to be leaders in their schools and communities.
  • Creates a safe space for Asian youth of all genders and sexualities while building a community of learning, support, and solidarity.  
  • Provides young Asian folks in Oakland the tools to build self-awareness and claim their power to stand up for long-term well-being of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Join our Forward Together Youth program!

Want to communicate better with your friends and family?
Want to know more about your sex, your body, and healthy relationships?
Think Oakland youth deserve better sex education?

Currently, we are working on a campaign to improve sex education in Oakland! Are you an Asian young person interested in getting involved? Then apply to Forward Together Youth! Our program operates year-round and welcomes new participants at different times throughout the year.

Keep an eye out- applications for summer 2014 will be out in May!