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About Stepping Into Power


Stepping Into Power

As women, people of color, queer, trans, and gender non-conforming leaders who are building a movement, we are constantly swimming upstream. Oppression and a competitive culture increase isolation and often pit us against each other as we scramble for limited resources.

We all know that the status quo is not working for our communities. As power becomes more centralized and farther away from the grassroots, we are faced with the stark reality that no leader or organization alone can make the changes we seek. Stepping Into Power is designed for leaders who are part of the Strong Families Network to deepen community with one another and gain transformative skills on the individual, organizational and movement leadership level.

How would we show up differently if our whole selves were welcomed and honored by our movement and each other? What would it be like for us to work together from a place of abundance rather than scarcity? What more could we achieve if we built a community of leaders who could emerge from tensions and conflict with create greater clarity and impact?

The Stepping Into Power fellowship will create community based on shared values of interdependence, reciprocity, and collaboration. It will:

  • help fellows identify the leadership style that best suits their talents and strengths;
  • provide tools to thrive in the midst of facing multiple challenges;
  • show how to build an organization that has core strength to achieve high impact; and
  • support leaders in making decisions for the big victories that happen over the long term, rather than focusing on tactical decisions for short term gains.

Stepping Into Power fellows will put the learning into action through projects that will build their capacity as individual, organizational and movement leaders. Throughout the sessions, we will be joined by master practitioners of Forward Stance, Aikido, Storytelling, and Music to harness our full individual, organizational, and collective power.