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Thanks for hosting a reproductive justice meetup!

You'll find all the materials you need for your meetup here. Let us know if you have questions!

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Here's how you can make your reproductive justice meetup successful!

Make your invitation list

  • Make a list of people in your networks. Think of friends, colleagues, neighbors, classmates, gym buddies, etc. We encourage you to invite a broad network of people, even if you think they may not be interested – the more, the merrier!
  • Send the invite! You know your peeps so invite them all the ways you can: create a private Facebook event, send texts, call folks, send an email. Make sure to give people a way RSVP so you know how many people to expect.

Plan out the flow of the meetup

The week before the event:

  • Decide your agenda. Think about the agenda (see the sample program below) and decide if you want to use the RJ 101 timeline . If your event is on November 4 or 5, plan to join the call in at 4pm EST/7pm PST.
  • Think about food and drink. Can you provide some snacks? Chocolate or salty snacks go a long way to helping bring folks together!
  • Remind and confirm your friends about the meetup via phone, SMS or email.

The day of the event:

  • Print the Forward Together RJ Meetup sign in sheet.
  • Print the RJ 101 timeline. Black and white copies are fine! Make sure you tape the timeline to the wall prior to folks arriving.
  • Food. Set out snacks and drinks
  • REMIND AGAIN. Send one more text to your friends that you are excited to see them in a few hours!
  • For meetups on November 4 or 5: Charge your phone if you plan to join the national call to get the latest on reproductive justice fights at 4pm PST/7 pm EST.
    To join the call, dial (646) 876-9923 or (669) 900-6833.
    When prompted, enter the meeting ID: 819 989 924

Here are the Forward Together resources to help engage your attendees:

  • Reproductive Justice 101 Timeline Activity
  • Reproductive Justice Call-In: You can make a centerpiece of your event a call with a reproductive justice experts to answer your guests questions about the Hyde Amendment. Kalpana Krishnamurthy, Forward Together's National Field and Policy Director, will hold two national calls on November 4 or 5 at 4 pm PST.

Here's a sample agenda:

  1. Mingle and Greet Your Attendees
  2. Welcome
    • Pass around the Forward Together RJ Meetup sign in sheet. Say, "Forward Together would love to stay in touch, so please sign in!"
    • Explain why you decided to host a meetup.
    • Explain who Forward Together is: Forward Together unites communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families. At the heart of its mission, is fighting for reproductive access, recognition of all kinds of families and safe communities.
    • Do a fun icebreaker if folks don't know each other well. Ask people to introduce themselves and why they came. Include a fun warm up question like: what you are watching on Netflix, the last good book you read, your dream vacation.
  3. Interactive Activity

    We've got two activities to choose from, or you can create your own!

    1. Use the Reproductive Justice 101 timeline to have a discussion with your friends about the history and fight for reproductive justice.
    2. If your event is 11/4 or 11/5, join our national call at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Hear the latest on efforts to overturn the Hyde Amendment, fight back against efforts to limit access to abortion, and state level wins and fights.
      To join the call, dial (646) 876-9923 or (669) 900-6833. When prompted, enter the meeting ID: 819 989 924

    No matter what activity you choose, make sure to talk about the Hyde Amendment. You can say:

    • What: "The Hyde Amendment is an abortion restriction that impacts primarily low-income women and women of color. It is passed each year as part of appropriations legislation. It means that no federal money in programs like Medicaid, health care provided by the military, or Indian Health Services can use any funding for abortion coverage, except in the limited cases of rape, incest, and life endangerment."
    • What we can do: "The Hyde Amendment is not permanent law. Congress has the opportunity to lift the Hyde Amendment each year. In 2015, Rep. Barbara Lee introduced the EACH Woman Act, which would ensure coverage for abortion for each woman, no matter how much she makes or how she is insured."
  4. Take Action!

    We want to make sure meetup participants take action while they are at your meetup.

    • Please have everyone take their phones out and text BOLD to 52886.
    • They will then receive a text back with a link to an action page that will look up their congressional representatives and send a pre-drafted email with the option to add their own comments.
    • The email will ask legislators to protect low-income women's access to healthcare, including abortion coverage.
    • Once they send the email, they can also tweet out that they took action. Please encourage them to do so, using #BOLDtheFuture.
    • Take lots of pictures throughout to post on social media using #BOLDtheFuture, especially with "I will be BOLD" buttons (social media guidance available). Be sure to take a group picture, and consider taking it in front of an interesting backdrop or even outside. Email your photo to with the subject line: "RJ meetup.".
    • Take a picture or scan your sign-in sheet and send it to with the subject: RJ meetup sign-in sheet