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Four Core Elements of Forward Stance

Four Core Elements of Forward Stance

Stance is how we move through the world. We can have a walking, standing, sitting and lying stance. When we are standing or sitting in Forward Stance we have 60% of our body learning forward. This is a stance in which we are in a state of readiness and able to take action.

Energy gives life to stance. The energy of a forward stance is deep, strong, and rising and can be sustained over time and through challenging circumstances.

Rhythm is the pace of our actions. Individuals, organizations and the world around us have an inherent rhythm and pace. In Forward Stance, we have an awareness of rhythm and we are intentional about our pace.

Awareness is a clear, broad sense of what is happening around us. Too often, we have tunnel vision – only seeing what is directly in front of us – the project we are working on, the action we are planning. The awareness of Forward Stance provides context and ability to see what is actually happening around us.

By refining our ability to look within we learn to hold and channel our power in specific ways that are relational to others, allowing us to see what is all around, rather than what is simply in our line of sight. Whether we are working on a challenging campaign with our allies or at an action demanding change from our opposition, Forward Stance provides tools that enable us to strategically and proactively move through difficult situations with clarity.