Forward Together

So all families can thrive.

Name Change FAQ

ACRJ is now Forward Together

Why did you change your name?

  • We have grown and expanded in many ways in the past years; our programs, our geography, and our role in the movement have all shifted. We wanted a name that represented the core of how we have gotten here – together.
  • All the work we have done to date has taught us that reproductive justice is deeply tied to social, economic, and racial justice, and to work for one requires the vision and leadership to connect them all. 
  • We have historically been an Asian organization and are intentionally building a multiracial organization as a way to bring more people into the Reproductive Justice movement and have a greater impact on the issues we care about.
  • We have been a leader in the Reproductive Justice movement and will continue to play that role as we also connect to other sectors based on our shared interest of ensuring that all families can thrive.

Does Forward Together continue to represent and support Asian Communities?

  • Yes. Our organization was formed to ensure that the voices of Asian communities were heard in the struggle for reproductive rights and freedom. Asian voices continue to be left out of too many of the conversations going on around women’s health, and also around immigration, education, economic justice, and other issues. We will continue to advocate for recognition and inclusion of Asian community perspectives in the Reproductive Justice Movement and other social justice movements.
  • We will continue to support leadership from within Asian communities and amplify the voices of those community members in our policy advocacy work. 
  • Will continue our current programming to develop the leadership of Asian youth in Oakland.

Is Forward Together stepping away from Reproductive Justice?

  • No, the Reproductive Justice framework, RJ issues, and RJ constituencies – primarily women and girls of color – continue to be the core of who we are and the work we do.
  • Through the leadership of ACRJ and others, the Reproductive Justice Movement has matured into a platform for communities to engage in discussions and advocacy around gender, sexuality, and bodies that is more inclusive and fully engaged.
  • This new phase for our organization is a continuation of the innovative leadership we have applied to our work in the Reproductive Justice Movement. We are simply challenging ourselves to take the RJ conversation to a new set of audiences and expand the reach of our movement even further.

What is the relationship between Forward Together and Strong Families?

  • Forward Together leads and staffs Strong Families, which in turn brings together hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to work together for change. Other leaders in Strong Families include: Young Women United, Western States Center, Political Research Associates, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Movement Strategy Center, Choice USA, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, and Advocates for Youth.
  • The work of Forward Together is not limited to Strong Families, although it is our current focus.
  • Strong Families is emerging as our primary organizing tool, so its programs will be at the forefront of much of Forward Together's work. You are going to be seeing a lot more of Strong Families in the future.

What can I do to show my support for women and girls of color and the issues that affect them?

  • We hope to see you signing petitions, turning out for events, and telling your Strong Family story online and off.
  • As we roll out our new name, you will see us turn up on in new places. Please follow us in all the social media you use, and be sure you are on our email list.
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